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extremely-low-temp. Heat Pump Features

Feature1: High Efficiency

EVI Compress Section View  

Adopting world famous brand compressor, and perfect application of EVI technology, make the unit cop arrive at 4.2.

Feature2: Extremely Cold Temp

The heat pump with EVI circuit, can heat vigorously under -25℃ , and the outlet water temp can arrive at 60℃.
Polaris series heat pump can work securely and stably under -25℃ extremely cold environment, and normally provide hot water.

General Heat Pump Schematic

  • The system heating capacity is decreasing when the ambient temp under-7℃, the cop drooping, and can not work safely, the highest outlet water temp is 55℃

Feature3: High Water Temp

Tube in Shell Heat Exchanger Section View  
This increase the heat exchange area, improving the liquid wettability and evenly distribution on the surface of copper, reducing water film, and improving efficiency.
Using tube in shell heat exchanger(Independent invention patent). The water temperatures arrive at 60℃, and can be widely applied in preparation for heating and hot water.
The thickness of copper pipe is 0.8-1.2mm, there is no welding inside the pipe. With 100% pressure-bearing properly, the copper pipe is without any leakage under 5MP pressure test.
Outside fin effcient non- phosphate copper, the area of heat -exchanging is 3.7 times of smooth brass, and the high heat exchange efficiency.
The heat exchange copper coil is in spiral distribution and with compact structure. For small gap of refrigerant passage, this can ensure effectiveness of heart exchanging, and prevent lubricant accumulation.
The design of double channel and hydraulic route can make water flow in tube and refrigerant run in shells. Also the temp. sensor on waterpipe detects whether the ice blocks the pipe to ensure the system security.

Intelligent Controller

With newly designed carel μC2SE and humanized designed remote controller, the system can realize the indoor control and modes automatic conversion. This makes operations easier.

Split Designing

The split design of Polaris is with the compressor and the waterpipe both are built in the indoor unit. It ensures less heat loss and perfect anti-freezing protection when the unit is running under the low temperature.



Project name:
Inbal Jerusalem Hotel
Building Class:
A five-star hotel
Choosing model:
Polaris series
Israel is with mediterranean climate and Jerusalem is a hot and dry city in Summer and with much rainfall in Winter. PHNIX Polaris Series heat pump can adapt well in such a adverse climatic environment.
Polaris Series Connection Sketch Map


  • 1. Main Unit
  • 2. Heat Storage Tank
  • 3. Circular Pump
  • 4. Water Collector
  • 5. Water Separator
  • 6. Floor Heating
  • 7. Radiator
  • 8. Vertical Fan Coil
  • 9. High Wall Fan Coil





For the area where the lowest temperature is below -5℃, we suggesting"Polaris+Heat storage tank" energy-efficient solutions. Running stated below:
Summer: Polaris running cooling mode meets the requirement of room cooling;
Winter: Polaris running heating mode meets the requirement of room warming;
Other season: Switching between heating and cooling meets the requirement of room cooling or heating.
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