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commercial kk series Feature:

Feature 1: powerful design


commercial KK series provide heating, cooling and hot water to satisfy customers’ requirements and are especially suited for the large house or commercial building, such as offices, workhouses, supermarkets, schools etc.



Feature 2: low ambient

commercial KK series are able to play a good performance in the low ambient even in -15℃ and extend the use areas greatly.

Feature 3: Fashionable Shape



green refrigerant r410a    


The application of green refrigerant R410A is not only friendly to the environment, but also ensures the units run efficiently.


Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger Section View
intelligent control  

Newly intelligent controller with touch screen makes control easier and more homization. The option PLC controller makes central control come true, when there are more units work at the same time.


high efficiency    

Applying the famous brand compressor together with the high efficiency heat exchanger makes the units more energy saving than other traditional products..



Introduction:The sketch map above shows the commercial KK unit heating in winter. In addition, the unit can cool down the temperature in the hotel room in summer.
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