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Classic Series features


Compact Internal Structure

The compact internal structure not only improves the unit appearance but also saves more space for the end-users.

Soft Starting

The unit with soft starter can effectively prevent the impact of the urban electric network.

Green Refrigerant R410A

With stable, non-toxic, superior performance, and non-fluorine property, refrigerant R410A makes no damages to the ozone layer and thus it is more enviromentally-friendly.

Easy Installation

The unit is with water pump inside, so it is no need to install extra booster pump or circulating pump. If it is connecting to a storage tank, the installation is easier.

Intelligent Control

With newly designed carel UC2SE and humanized designed remote controller, the system can realize intelligent defrosting and modes automatic conversion. Thus the operations are easier




  • 1. Classic Series
  • 2. Storage Tank
  • 3. Circulating Pump
  • 4. Water Collector
  • 5. Water Separator
  • 6. Floor Heating
  • 7. The Radiator
  • 8. Vertical Fan Coil
Summer: The unit runs in the cooling mode to cool the houses.
Winter: The unit runs in the heating mode to heat the houses.
Other Seasons: The unit runs in the cooling or heating mode to cool or heat the house.

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