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DC inverter air to water heat pump

split type DC inverter heat pump

1.High COP .
2.Domestic and floor heating .
3.Applies to -15 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ outdoor temperature.
4.all in one or split type option.
5.Constant water temperature, comfortable.




R410a EVI DC inverter heat pump fertures:

1.Super heating

Super heating EVI DC inverter scroll compressor.High power EVI DC inverter heat pump realize high leaving water temperature and high heating capacity even at low ambient temperature by newly developed “linear control injection technilogy”.it is possible to provide high water temperature and warm room in cold regions.

2.Wide Working environment temperature range

Working environment temperature range is expanded from -25℃ to 43 ℃.

3.High speed heating start up

The performance of heating start up is improved.

4.High heating capacity

Industry-first injection circuit is equipped,which enable to keep the equal capacity with the even when outside temperature is -7 ℃.but, The traditional heat pump can only reach 60% of the rated heating capacity output.

5.water heat exchanger

  Water exchanger equipped with high efficiency 316 stainless steel plate heat exchanger.

6. Evaporator

Evaporator is larger 30% than usual size to keep its high efficiency.

7. refrigerant

R410a refrigerant.

8. Refrigerant flow control

electronical expansion valve

9. Defrost control

The optimization of the defrost mode, reduce the defrosting time and number of times, improve the heating efficiency.Maintaining the room temperature during defrost operation by boost start operation.

10. Auxiliary electric heating control

Auxiliary electric heating element built in indoor unit as back up for emergency.

11. Operation control

LED dot-matrix display and  touch- screen controller.

12.Comfort control

Automatic heating curve control based on outdoor temp and setting room temp.

13.Automatic antifreezing protection,safty function.

Water circulation and compressor can be automatically performed at low outdoor temperature.freezing of circulated water can be prevented.

14. There is condensate water pans anti-icing control function

Medium temperature control technology, the chassis is not frozen.

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